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Kidde Carbon Monoxide + Smoke Alarm combi (MOQ 3)
CBE  BMTG/G  LPG/KO gas detector - Grey
CBE gas detector Carbon Monoxide (CO) - grey
Kidde 7CO battery operated carbon monoxide alarm (moq 6)
Kidde 7CO battery operated carbon monoxide alarm. (1pk)
Carbest GasCube 3 in 1 Gas Detector Alarm 12v - not currently available 27/1/2020
Detectadusta 250mm Air Blaster 250ml
Detectagas CO Alarm Testing Kit 400ml (moq 12)
Detectaleak Leak detection spray (250ml)
Detectasmoke - Smoke Alarm Tester 250ml
Smoke & CO Alarm Test Record Pads
Failed Test Sticker (50 stickers per roll)
Obsolete Kidde Ionisation Smoke Alarm (boxed) (MOQ 6)
Kidde Ionisation Smoke Alarm (boxed)
Fire Pal JE-50 Portable Fire Extinguisher
Fire blanket in pvc box
1KG fire extinguisher a,b,c (moq 4)
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