Hose Connectors

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28.5mm straight connector
28.5mm Y connector (2 into 1)
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Fawo 10mm Y connector (moq 10)
Fawo 10mm straight connector white (moq10)
Fawo tank Connector 25mm
Fawo tank Connector 25mm (5pk)
Fawo tank Connector 40mm
Fawo angles tank connector
FAWO 40mm elbow tank fitting
Fawo 19mm straight connector
Fawo 25mm staight connector
Fawo 19mm Y connector
Fawo 19mm elbow connector
DLS 3/4" Oulet hose socket Grey
Flojet JGS quad port S/A 12mm
Hose connector 1/2in elbow
Hose sealing sleeve 23.5mm (2pk)
Hose sealing sleeve 28.5mm
Hose connector 3/8x1/2in
Hose connector 1/2in straight 12mm
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