Gas Regulators & Adaptors

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Tank Mounted Regulator 1.5kg/h 30mbar PS16bar
GOK GB camping gas adapter
GOK GB Butane clip Adapter - last ones
Coupling quick-acting valve KV 8
Dometic Gas regulator 30mbar
21mm Clip On Butane Regulator 28mbar
Caravan Regulator 30mbar c/w 8mm outlet nozzle
Caravan 90° Regulator 30mbar c/w 8mm outlet nozzle
27mm Adaptor c/w 90 degree
Clip on adapt  non regulating
27mm adaptor c/w vertical
Truma Duo Control CS 30mbar,10/8mm vertical
Calor Gas Butane clip on regulator 21mm
Calor Gas Butane screw on regulator 29mbar
Calor Gas Campingaz screw on regulator 29mbar
Calor Gas Propane screw on regulator 37mbar
Clip on Regulator - 28mbar use 63.1.490.5112
Clip on Regulator - 37mbar Patio Gas - 1.5kg/h
37mbar Clip On Regulator
Clip on Regulator - 28mbar
Butane Reg, RD 28mbar, 109 inlet 8mm
Propane Reg, 37mbar, 1kg/h POL 105 inlet 8mm
replaced by 69.1.490.2028
Propane Reg, 37mbar, 1.5kg/h POL 105 soft nose inlet - 8mm
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