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Dometic clips
Dometic B2200 Knob Assy - Thermostat
Dometic B2200 & B1600 PLUS Remote Control
Dometic Main board for a fresh light 2200
Electronic Receiver
Dometic Freshjett 1100/2200 Remote Control
Dometic Remote Control
Dometic Switch
Dometic Air Conditioning Switch B1500/B1900
Dometic Air Dispenser Freshlight
Dometic DC-KIT-3 for CA1000, B1600, B2200, CA2500, HB2500, Freshjet 1100, 1700, 220
Dometic DC-KIT-1 for CA 1100
Dometic rectangular air inlet
Dometic flexible hose
60mm outlet for air con unit
Dometic Freshlight  2200 air con
Dometic Air distribution box to suit all Freshjet models
Freshjet 4 way Air Distribution Box
Dometic FreshJet (2200)
Dometic FreshJet (1700) incl Air Distribution Box
Freshjet 3200 roof mounted air conditioner inc 2 way diffuser
Dometic Freshwell 3000
DC-Kit 2 for new Freshjets
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